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Halliburton Expertise Helps LiNa Energy Optimise Plan To Scale Business

Support from Halliburton’s advanced manufacturing team is a critical step toward the commercialisation of LiNa’s solid-state sodium batteries

Lancaster, UK  November 24th 2023 – LiNa Energy, in collaboration with Halliburton Company’s Halliburton Labs accelerator, is developing a pilot manufacturing facility in Lancaster, UK, that when operational will manufacture solid-state sodium battery cells and systems. As the company seeks to scale, Halliburton is assisting LiNa Energy by applying its operational focus and expertise to help identify and reduce bottlenecks and incorporate automation in the production process.

In April 2023, LiNa Energy was selected by Halliburton Labs , which helps early-stage energy and climate companies attract prospective customers and investors, scale their operations, and achieve commercialization milestones.

Through the joint undertaking of a strategic analysis to scale its operations, LiNa applied lean processes and refined planned processes. LiNa worked with a variety of automation partners to complete Pre-FEED studies for the pilot line and automated the most meaningful stages of the production process.

Operations Director Kris Barr said, “LiNa is delighted to have had the chance to work with Halliburton’s industry-recognised engineers, providing critical validation of our approach to manufacturing, and helping us realise tangible savings as we scale up our pilot line. We’re looking forward to continuing our work to develop LiNa’s supply chains and strengthen our manufacturing offering.”

Halliburton’s decades-long scale-up expertise and hands-on technical input enabled the LiNa team to optimise their scaling strategy and refine R&D production, ensuring a faster and more efficient path to commercialisation.

“Supporting innovative startups on their journey to upscale manufacturing is exciting for our teams. We are enthused to share our experience commercializing technology at scale with companies who are developing new solutions, especially as it translates into quality improvements, cost savings, and other tangible deliverables that accelerate commercialization,” said Nick Webster, manufacturing engineering manager at Halliburton.

As a direct result of reducing capital requirements, LiNa can lower their current Series A fundraise by 30%, offering investors a more efficient and lower risk path to scaling production.

See the announcement originally published on the LiNa Energy website.

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