The future of energy. Faster.™

We’re not predicting the future; we’re actually building it.

Walk through our doors and you’ll feel it: there’s a buzz around here, an energy that zips through our campus and energizes every one of us. We’re an open, collaborative environment, a place where resources and inspiration are shared because there’s plenty to go around. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind environment where new-energy pioneers like you can scale your business, grow your skills, advance clean energy, and disrupt everything.

So while we don’t have a crystal ball, we can see the future just the same. Ready to take a look?

At Halliburton Labs, prepare to:

Think Big

Develop a bold vision
Operate with urgency
Drive meaningful and lasting impact

Be Fearless

Take risks
Act decisively
Experiment, learn, and adapt

Put Customers First

Listen to customers
Earn their trust
Turn their needs into opportunities

Get Results

Pursue your goals aggressively
Do more with less
Keep your priorities clear

Success Story: Technical and Operational Expertise

Momentum’s lithium-ion recycling process transforms battery waste into materials for new batteries. Our manufacturing team worked with Momentum to design and build their first skid units.