What you need to know

Halliburton Labs is an open, collaborative environment. A place where innovators take novel solutions to commercial scale. A place that’s paving the way for a clean energy tomorrow.

Our Mission is Clear

We are committed to a clean-energy future.

We expect the same of our participants. In return, we deliver an experience you’d expect from a Silicon Valley Accelerator but combined with the extensive business and technical skills that can only come from a global energy leader.

During your twelve months inside Halliburton Labs, you will be challenged to think big, to embrace a growth mindset, to be customer-obsessed, and to get real results. Here is what you and your team members can expect:

Your customers can help.

We’ll show you proven and effective approaches that let your customers guide you to areas with the greatest potential for rapid adoption.

We’re a founder-first environment.

Our dedicated team is here to work alongside you on whatever challenges may arise. We stand ready to deploy relevant, curated mentorship from across our vast network to address the issues you’re currently solving.

Your secret weapon.

Halliburton Labs won’t just be a positive experience. It will be your competitive advantage. Using our facilities and curated mentorship, an early participant was able to meet testing requirements and customer inquiries in ways that were previously impossible. And we used our network to help a participant company achieve a 20+% cost reduction on a core unit redesign.

About the "Scalerator"

We’ve created a unique environment where entrepreneurs like you can ready their business for scale, create sustainable growth, and advance proven technologies. We’re passionate about helping disruptive businesses scale faster while optimizing their capital.

Think Big

Develop a bold vision

Operate with a sense of urgency

Drive meaningful and lasting impact

Be Fearless

Be daring, be courageous

Don’t shy away from challenging decisions

Experiment, fail, learn, and adapt

Put Customers First

Listen to customers

Earn their trust

Turn customer needs into opportunities

Get Results​

Pursue your goals aggressively

Do more with less

Keep your priorities clear

Meet Our Team

Our team has the right expertise to guide you through this critical time in your company’s journey.