Entrepreneurial Excellence

Our startup companies are taking what they learned here at Haliburton Labs and using it to solve the world’s most pressing challenge: creating cleaner, affordable energy to power the future. We’re proud to feature these innovators with their readiness to scale, novel problem-solving skills, and unwavering motivation.

See what makes them a great fit in our unique “scalerator” program

Meet our Participants

Haliburton Lab participants were selected for their potential—but they were also chosen for what they already have: disruptive ideas, talent, and the drive it takes to deliver cleaner, affordable energy to the planet.

Meet our Program Alumni

Our Alumni are standouts in the clean-energy space. They’ve graduated from our program, but they’ll always be part of the Halliburton Labs family. We look forward to seeing what they deliver for their team, the industry, and the world.