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Buckle up.

You’re about to accelerate. With Halliburton Labs in your corner, you’ll have help preparing to demonstrate your technology at scale, derisk first customers, achieve your commercialization milestones—and attract investors who believe in you as much as we do.

What makes us different?

Unlimited Bespoke Support
If your startup is solving tough energy challenges, you’ve probably got a few challenges of your own right now. Like building a business strategy. Vetting suppliers. Procuring equipment. Reaching international markets. Attracting investors. The first 12 months of our journey together starts with a customized playbook focused on your unique scaling milestones—from there, we’ll help you hit them.

Expertise and Experience
Expertise is what a person knows; experience is what they’ve done. Your future team at Halliburton Labs has both. Our practitioners perform day jobs delivering budgets, quality, reliability, safety, and results, while leading teams that manage inflation, supply chain disruptions, hiring, and other bumps in the road.

Global Network
We’re veterans of Halliburton, so we know exactly how to harness its strength in service of your success. We easily navigate our parent company’s worldwide network (45,000 people spanning over 70 countries) to provide solid technology and engineering solutions at startup speed.

Now that you know about us, let’s talk about you. Are you creating a disruptive clean energy solution that’s ready to scale? Are you funded (or actively raising)? Are you ready to make the most of unlimited customized guidance? Good. Our next cohort is around the corner, so let’s get started.

We’re passionate about ideas in these areas:

Energy Generation and Enablers

Accelerate the scale and adoption of technology companies working across multiple energy sources (wind, solar, wave, hydrogen, hydro, etc.), and other clean energy companies working to lower the cost of energy.

Energy Storage

Scale energy storage companies that build stationary and mobile storage technologies to help build a more resilient and reliable power system.

Energy Distribution and Usage

Enable global energy interconnection to improve multidirectional energy and information transfer and build the grids of the future.

Materials and Energy Conservation

Support and scale companies working on the reuse and regeneration of materials and energy to create more sustainable economic and environmental systems.

Industrial Decarbonization

Empower companies working to reduce the industrial carbon footprint to fast-track lower emissions and climate impact.

It’s about time.

Developing deep tech and hard tech is tough. Deploying them at scale is even harder. And scaling fast? That’s the ultimate challenge. Are you up for it? We are.

We have a world-class team, multi-disciplinary engineering, process technology, supply chain logistics, manufacturing, scaling and business acumen, and proven capabilities.
What we don’t have—yet—is you.

Hurry. The world can’t wait.

Success Story: Ability to Demonstrate Scale

NanoTech launched with two employees mixing materials in their garage. Today their pilot operations cover 9,000 square feet of our Houston campus and they’re the leading technology enabler for passive fire protection and insulation—in fact, their valuation rocketed from $0 to $45M.