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We are excited that you and your team have interest in joining Halliburton Labs. We cultivate a world-class crossroads of innovators, academics, investors as well as members of the Halliburton team…all in an effort to help you reach scale, faster!

Our application begins by asking you to consider our targeted clean energy challenges. Think of these statements as a focal point broadly intersecting your company’s mission and our capabilities. What challenge is the best fit for your company and why?

While there are many important elements of building and scaling a startup in the energy sector, we’d love to understand the customer pain you’re solving, the founding team, the addressable market opportunity, and your progress so far on your journey.

We look forward to reviewing your application and helping you usher in the future of energy. Let’s get started!

For this application, please don’t share any information you and your team consider to be confidential.