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Energy in Transition

Episode 6 with Scott Gale


Energy veterans and new innovators share their thoughts on camera.

Icarus RT Spotlight

CEO – Mark Anderson

Momentum Technologies Spotlight

CEO – Preston Bryant

Enexor BioEnergy Spotlight

CEO – Lee Jestings

Nanotech Spotlight

CEO – Mike Francis

OCOChem Spotlight

CEO – Todd Brix

Parasanti Spotlight

CEO – James Hancock CTO-Josh Seagroves

Head of Commercial – Carrie Horazeck

Alumina Spotlight

CEO – Sasha Braun

SurgePower Materials Spotlight

CEO – Michael Opoku

Ionada Carbon Solutions Spotlight

CEO – Edoardo Panziera


Go in depth on the issues and advances shaping our industry.

Energy Transtion: A new model for bridging the chasm to scale

The energy transition is creating the need for a new model of interaction between startups and enterprises. Whereas the former will continue to focus on ‘will it work?’, the latter need to have a greater say in ‘will it scale?’ Halliburton Labs was set up with this mission in mind.

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Constellation is a collaborative work between Village Insights and Halliburton Labs that seeks to foster a virtual extension of the global startup community solving clean energy challenges. The platform allows community stakeholders to gather around clean energy topics, to meet peers, to share insights, to seek funding, and to find technology demonstration opportunities. It is built to be the go-to location for clean energy events and news.