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“AI based solar glass design which increases the solar panel energy yield by 20% – Motion Free Optical Tracking”

Our product is an innovative glass which boosts the energy yield of traditional photovoltaic solar panels by 20%. The unique geometric structure on the glass has been designed to collect more sunlight similar to how a physical tracker tracks the sun and collects more sunlight. We do the same in a motion free manner there by eliminating the maintenance issues and heavy capital requirements.

Balaji Lakshmikanth Bangolae

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Lakshmi Snathanam

Link up with me and drop me a message on LinkedIn

Balaji Lakshmikanth Bangolae Pitches Renkube

Shell Gamechanger Powered by NREL

DOE Technology Commercialization Fund Awards at NREL (Particle Thermal Energy Storage and Efficient Heat Exchanger for Carbon-Free Industry Heat Supply)

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