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Renew Power Systems, Inc.

Renew Power Systems (RPSi) is developing a revolutionary hardware-based clean energy technology that supports the rapid and equitable decarbonization of existing electric grids. This grid-forming technology is unique in its ability to enable renewable integration in areas lacking traditional grid services or where the grid is less able to accommodate variable energy sources.

By providing a novel new way for connected energy systems to communicate and cooperate, this technology increases the ability to incorporate renewable energy sources at scale and allows for “islanding” of grid hubs to increase resilience and provide enhanced peak energy management capability.

Zach Emond, Co-founder & CEO

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Scott Tracy, COO & Director of Strategic Growth

Link up with me and drop me a message on LinkedIn

Zach Emond Pitches Renew Power Systems, Inc.

Shell Gamechanger Powered by NREL

DOE Technology Commercialization Fund Awards at NREL (Particle Thermal Energy Storage and Efficient Heat Exchanger for Carbon-Free Industry Heat Supply)

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