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Halliburton Labs is dedicated to advancing cleaner, affordable energy

We accelerate the growth of innovative, early-stage companies by providing access to Halliburton facilities, technical expertise, and business network. If you’re a startup working on disruptive, tangible-tech solutions in our targeted challenge areas, we want to hear from you!

Unique Approach to World-Class, Clean Energy Scaling

We know the energy business requires scale. For decades, Halliburton has been delivering engineered solutions for the global energy industry. By making our global scaling resources available to innovators in the clean-energy space, we’re helping the industry’s brightest entrepreneurial minds solve the world’s most pressing scientific, technical, and logistical energy challenges.

Are you creating a disruptive solution? Is it almost ready for market? Are you funded (or raising funds)? Is your team impressive? If so, we’re eager to hear from you! Take a peek at our challenge areas and see if your company can benefit from Halliburton Labs.

See how Halliburton Labs can help

Clean Energy Generation

Scale new energy, climate, and sustainable technology companies to improve the adoption of solar, wind, wave, hydro, and other clean energies so the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCE) becomes more competitive.

Transmission & Distribution

Bring our scale, logistics, and process resources to early-stage energy transmission and distribution companies building the clean energy grid of the future.

Energy Storage

Scale energy storage technology companies so that advances in density, longevity, and cost promote the adoption of more renewable energy sources.

Energy Conservation

Scale energy conservation companies so that industries, businesses, and consumers waste less energy.

Circular Economy

Scale circular economy companies to reduce the overall human carbon footprint while creating or upcycling cost-effective materials from low-value waste streams.

Other Clean Energy

Scale innovative companies effecting meaningful change within the energy industry so that cleaner, more affordable sources will enable the future energy system at scale.

If selected into our 2023 cohort, we are dedicated to helping you prepare for further growth.

Global energy demands require many technologies working at scale. Developing tangible technologies like “deep-tech” and “hard-tech” is tough. We know it is even harder to deploy them at scale. Halliburton Labs brings world-class capabilities in order to help you scale world-changing solutions and usher in the energy system of the future.

If your company is selected to join Halliburton Labs, our world-class team with multi-disciplinary engineering, process technology, supply chain logistics, scaling and energy business acumen wants to get behind your business and truly accelerate you to the forefront of our changing industry.