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Apply now, and join us in the pursuit of a cleaner, more affordable energy future. With our scaling resources at your fingertips, you’ll grow faster and achieve your ambitions.

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Accepting applications through Friday, April 21, 2023

Halliburton Labs Finalists Pitch Day is Friday, May 19, 2023

Halliburton Labs is dedicated to advancing cleaner, affordable energy

We accelerate the growth of innovative, early-stage companies by providing access to Halliburton facilities, technical expertise, and business network. If you’re a startup working on disruptive, tangible-tech solutions in our targeted challenge areas, we want to hear from you!

Unique Approach to World-Class, Clean Energy Scaling

We know the energy business requires scale. For decades, Halliburton has been delivering engineered solutions for the global energy industry. By making our global scaling resources available to innovators in the clean-energy space, we’re helping the industry’s brightest entrepreneurial minds solve the world’s most pressing scientific, technical, and logistical energy challenges.

Are you creating a disruptive solution? Is it almost ready for market? Are you funded (or raising funds)? Is your team impressive? If so, we’re eager to hear from you! Take a peek at our challenge areas and see if your company can benefit from Halliburton Labs.

See how Halliburton Labs can help

Clean Energy Generation

Scale new energy, climate, and sustainable technology companies to improve the adoption of solar, wind, wave, hydro, and other clean energies so the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCE) becomes more competitive.

Transmission & Distribution

Bring our scale, logistics, and process resources to early-stage energy transmission and distribution companies building the clean energy grid of the future.

Energy Storage

Scale energy storage technology companies so that advances in density, longevity, and cost promote the adoption of more renewable energy sources.

Energy Conservation

Scale energy conservation companies so that industries, businesses, and consumers waste less energy.

Circular Economy

Scale circular economy companies to reduce the overall human carbon footprint while creating or upcycling cost-effective materials from low-value waste streams.

Other Clean Energy

Scale innovative companies effecting meaningful change within the energy industry so that cleaner, more affordable sources will enable the future energy system at scale.

If selected into our 2023 cohort, we are dedicated to helping you prepare for further growth.

Global energy demands require many technologies working at scale. Developing tangible technologies like “deep-tech” and “hard-tech” is tough. We know it is even harder to deploy them at scale. Halliburton Labs brings world-class capabilities in order to help you scale world-changing solutions and usher in the energy system of the future.

If your company is selected to join Halliburton Labs, our world-class team with multi-disciplinary engineering, process technology, supply chain logistics, scaling and energy business acumen wants to get behind your business and truly accelerate you to the forefront of our changing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Halliburton Labs is a collaborative environment where early-stage clean energy companies that require technical and operational expertise, mentorship, access to sophisticated lab space and the ability to demonstrate their technologies can prepare for scale. Selected participants will:
  • Receive hands-on coaching and mentorship from energy industry veterans
  • Join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs, academics, and investors dedicated to ushering in the next generation of clean energy
  • Achieve scale through use of Halliburton’s state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities, lab services, and preferred business network
  • Access investors, industry contacts, and customers through Halliburton’s vast global network
  • Access mentorship from Halliburton’s in-house experts on matters from technical R&D and testing to certification and manufacturing processes
  • Have access to Halliburton’s breadth of professional services including supply purchases, manufacturing services, assembly and repair services and logistics services
Halliburton Labs is a 12-month program. In return for unparalleled access to facilities and energy industry experts, Halliburton Labs requires an equity ownership interest of 5% (modified SAFE). Participants may also pay monthly fees for dedicated office, lab, & manufacturing space requirements. Halliburton Labs provides a founder-friendly, low-friction environment to collaborate and accelerate. There are no demands for intellectual property rights, rights of first refusal, or board/observer seats.

Halliburton Labs has an open application process with cohort selection occurring three times per year. The Halliburton Labs team will collect general, non-confidential information from applicants and complete an initial review and identify finalists. These finalists will enter a due-diligence process with our team of experts, composed of individuals from across the venture capital, startup, finance, policy, business, and academic communities. This process may include in-person interviews and reference checks and culminates with a Halliburton Labs Finalists Pitch Day with companies pitching to a carefully curated panel.


The pitch day is an opportunity for finalist companies to elevate visibility and make strategic potential investor and prospective customer connections with audience participants from around Halliburton’s global network.

The health and safety of our employees and guests is paramount. We continue to work with local and federal authorities to monitor the status of Covid-19 and have implemented safety measures including proper social distancing and additional cleaning for all who access campus. We will work with you and your team to address your specific needs within the bounds of the restrictions that are currently in place.


See Halliburton Covid-19 Response for additional information.

No. Halliburton Labs is based in Houston, Texas, at Halliburton’s global headquarters, conveniently located near George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Participants may want to plan to have at least one employee on campus on a regular basis, yet we have had multiple success cases with virtual accelerator participants.
Yes! If selected into the program, we would love to be a public supporter of each participant company and have each benefit from the power of our brand. Participant companies are welcome to use our name and logo as permitted under the participation agreement, which covers the relationship between Halliburton Labs and each participant company.

We are here to help and will activate capabilities from around our global organization and business network to support company acceleration. This may include a range of support from engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain to fundraising, intellectual property strategy, and building an organization.


Additionally, we will host regular check-ins with Halliburton Labs’ leadership to review your progress, help refine your business, and explore solutions to your most pressing pain points.

As part of the program, participant companies will have access to dedicated laboratory working space and curated use of our physical research and testing facilities, as outlined in the participation agreement. Additionally, our team can provide a broad range of on-demand lab services and raw materials procurement (not for commercial production) at Halliburton’s preferred discounted rates.

Halliburton has cultivated a deep network of industry experts, customers, and capital sources.


Throughout the program, the Halliburton Labs team will become a close collaborator with the participant team, working with them to determine the optimal timing and strategy to engage these connections in response to the team’s needs.

Halliburton has been a globally recognized leader in energy R&D and services for many decades with operations in numerous countries around the world.


From technical to functional to geographical expertise, we have employees and in-house specialists who can provide expert guidance on virtually any topic related to business. As necessary, the Halliburton Labs team will work with participant companies to identify the experts they should talk to and facilitate introductions.

We currently do not anticipate any engagement on this level. By design, the objective of Halliburton Labs is to foster the next generation of clean energy companies, with concepts or ideas beyond what would be directly relevant to Halliburton’s existing services and activities.

Startups admitted to the program receive $100,000 along with various other benefits in exchange for issuing Halliburton Labs a modified SAFE for 5% of the startup's equity.


The $100,000 is not a valuation exercise, as Halliburton’s largest investment in accelerator companies is in-kind services.

As participants scale their businesses, the participants will have access to internal Halliburton expertise in business planning, finance, human resources, marketing, supply chain and manufacturing, among others. They will also have access to Halliburton’s wide business network which could include suppliers, potential investors, the broader oil and gas community and more.