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OCO Chem

The world needs a more sustainable, safer, and lower cost way to convert CO2 into useful products and store renewable energy. OCOchem’s technology does both, at the same time.

Our process transforms and stores electric energy into chemical energy by binding CO2 with the hydrogen available in water using an OCOchem electrolyzer device to make a simple safe liquid organic molecule known as formate. Once energy is stored in a liquid form, it can be simply and safely stored and moved until when and where it’s needed and released in the form of Hydrogen using an OCOchem reformer device.

By engineering a new way to use CO2, and store energy, OCOchem’s technology helps solve the dual challenges of carbon emissions and large-scale zero-carbon energy storage for customers interested in reducing their carbon footprint, energy storage costs, or both.

Todd Brix, CEO and Co-founder

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Todd Brix pitches OCO, Inc.

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