Monument Technologies partners with TechMet-Mecuria SA

Halliburton Labs program alum, Monument Technologies announces an exciting new partnership with TechMet-Mercuria SA. This exclusive marketing, sales and distribution agreement includes 100% of our Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Aluminum and Graphite produced globally. 

Momentum’s highly scalable and adaptable MSX technology recovers pure battery grade materials from black mass and a variety of other feedstocks. As we distribute plants around the world, we will be able to sell the material we recover with the help of TechMet-Mercuria’s global trading network and market expertise. 

TechMet-Mercuria SA is a responsible energy metals platform providing working capital financing, leading edge marketing expertise and supply chain solutions. TechMet-Mercuria SA supplies the key metals critical to the future growth of EV’s, Energy Storage and Renewable Energy.