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In a world where sensors are everywhere, reliable gas sensors for carbon dioxide and methane are seemingly nowhere to be found. Matrix Sensors is solving this problem. Bringing together experts in chemistry and materials, Matrix Sensors is developing the world’s first quantitative gas sensor on a chip.

Our technology is based on a new class of gas-adsorbing materials known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that allow low cost, low power, touch-free sensor operation. Matrix Sensors’ chip-scale technology enables new, unserved industrial and IoT applications with size, power, and cost requirements unable to be met by current technologies. Matrix Sensors – Gas Sensors for a Better Planet.

Steve Yamamoto, CEO

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Steve Yamamoto Pitches Matrix Sensors, Inc.

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Shell Gamechanger Powered by NREL

DOE Technology Commercialization Fund Awards at NREL (Particle Thermal Energy Storage and Efficient Heat Exchanger for Carbon-Free Industry Heat Supply)

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