Halliburton Labs Leadership

Meet the people behind Halliburton Labs and its relentless pursuit of advancing cleaner, affordable energy.

Our Mission is Clear

Dale Winger

Managing Director

Dale is excited to help accelerate the growth of innovative, early-stage companies using Halliburton’s facilities, technical expertise, and business network. As Managing Director, Dale has leadership responsibility for Halliburton Labs. Dale is a member of the Halliburton Labs Advisory Board, and is passionate about our mission to advance cleaner, affordable energy. Dale most recently served as vice president for Halliburton’s specialty chemicals business. Dale joined Halliburton in 2014, after several years at a leading global chemicals and materials science company.

Dale holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Scott Gale​

Executive Director, External Engagement

As Executive Director at Halliburton Labs, Scott oversees External Engagement and collaborates to build a thriving clean energy community on the Third Coast and around the world. He actively supports multiple startup organizations as a mentor, advisor, and investor. After five years in chemical sales and product management, he joined Halliburton in 2014 where he managed multiple strategic efforts taking new technologies from ideation to commercial success at scale.

Scott holds a chemical engineering degree from Brigham Young University and is a graduate of Rice Business. He serves on the Rice Business Alumni Association Board and the Energy Advisory Board for the Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator.

Susanna Sabbagh

Executive Director, Venture Investments

As Executive Director, Investments, Susanna collaborates with participant companies to accelerate their commercial and economic scaling objectives to enhance value creation. Through a focus on emerging value chains, she evaluates and identifies key opportunities to enhance the Halliburton Labs community’s impact on advancing cleaner, affordable energy.

Since entering the energy industry with a small software start-up in the UK, Susanna has since held leadership roles at Halliburton in Europe, Canada and the United States. Susanna’s roles have included Director of Program Management, bringing new technologies from concept to commercialization; leading Halliburton’s global Marketing and Communications organization; leading the Digital Solutions group to enable the integration of digital innovation across the company’s business lines; and most recently as Vice President accountable for one of Halliburton’s largest global customers.

Susanna holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Zainub Noor

Director, Scouting & Innovation

Zainub is excited to help innovative early-stage companies accelerate their journey to scale and commercialization with the mission to advance cleaner, affordable energy. As director of Scouting and Innovation, Zainub focuses on identifying and qualifying prospective companies and introducing the industrial scaling capabilities within the Halliburton Labs ecosystem. Zainub believes that new companies will play a critical role in energy of the future with Halliburton Labs providing a unique launching pad for these innovations to commercially scale. Zainub most recently served as Global R&D Head for Reservoir, Production & Economics in Landmark where she led five technology development centers in North America, South America, and Asia, and helped energy operators worldwide in digital transformation to optimize asset development. She serves on the advisory panel for the University of Houston Bauer Business School and received recognition by Hart Energy as 25 Influential Women in Energy and the Petroleum Economist as 100 Global Leaders.

Zainub holds a double Bachelor of Chemical Engineering & Science from Western University, Master of Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and executive certifications in Business & Strategy from Harvard Business School, and Texas A&M.

Greg Hundt

Senior Manager, Scouting and Innovation

As Senior Manager, Scouting and Innovation, Greg identifies and evaluates early-stage companies with the potential to change the clean energy landscape. Greg helps Halliburton Labs’ participant companies to reach scale faster and more efficiently by providing technical mentorship and leveraging connections within Halliburton’s network.

Greg has held leadership roles in both Cementing and Production Enhancement product development and most recently lead new product scale-up and commercialization within Halliburton’s chemical manufacturing organization. Greg joined Halliburton in 2012 after several years of product development and scale up at smaller companies.

Greg holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from The University of Texas at Dallas and executive certifications in business management from The University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M.

Dianna Singh

Director, Accelerator

Dianna has been with Halliburton since 2000, beginning her career in the Supply Chain Management Program. From there she has held various positions in Manufacturing and Supply Chain before moving into M&A integrations where she led the integration of numerous global, multi-million dollar acquisitions. Given her experience, Dianna’s knowledge of the inner-workings of Halliburton is unparalleled, which is perfect for connecting Halliburton Labs’ participants to the broader Halliburton organization. Dianna is responsible for the day-to-day activities and the operational success of Halliburton Labs and its participant startups.

Dianna holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University and has participated in executive leadership training at Texas A&M.

Luly Castillo

Manager, Accelerator

As part of the Accelerator Team at Halliburton Labs, Luly supports the operational activities for the scalerator program. She is excited to work with participant companies to accelerate achievement of their commercial and operational milestones using her experience and connections at Halliburton and across the industry. Since starting Halliburton in 2008, Luly has held various positions in technology, sales and marketing. She most recently served as a Marketing Manager where she ensured the success of marketing initiatives for Wireline as well as Drill Bits globally.

Luly holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA and has participated in executive leadership training at Texas A&M.

Diana Sandoval

Executive Assistant

Diana is excited to help early-stage innovators achieve a cleaner and more affordable energy future. As Executive Secretary, Diana supports founders, the Halliburton Labs executive team, and connections across the ecosystem with important planning, execution, and follow up to help companies achieve their scaling objectives. After seven years of supporting a major global management consulting firm, Diana has recently rejoined Halliburton, Diana’s Halliburton career began with the company’s acquisition of Boots & Coots in 2010, where Diana served as Executive Assistant since 2006. She succeeded with numerous experiences in the accounting and administrative departments, and her collaboration with team members ensured a smooth transition during the implementation of policy and procedures.

Diana is eager to use her 20 years of support experience to help Halliburton Labs shape the energy system of the future.